How to use the Bet easy

Bet easy is one of the bookmakers in Australia. It is a site that focuses only on the sports markets in Australia. It offers good deals to its members and if you plan to join then it will be pivotal for you to know the process of betting on Bet easy.

Open an account; this is first step to placing a bet on your sport. To open an account you will have to enter the promo code that will be given when you want to create an account. One thing that you ought to know is that the code is not available in some places. Once you enter the code, fill in your personal details and create your password. Before you sign up, read the terms and conditions.

Depositing in your account; before you place a bet you will be required to deposit the amount that you will use to bet with. You can deposit using your credit or debit card. You will get a bonus of $500 when you make your first deposit. This bonus is only valid during the promotion.

Start betting; after you deposit the amount required, you can place a bet on the sport you want. When it comes to betting you will have many options to choose from like the live betting. You will be required to fill in the betting form by clicking on the ‘start betting’ section. The form will display the games that you can bet on and the minimum starting price

  1. Features of the bet easy site

Bet easy, a licensed Northern territory bookmaker has many features that their members get to enjoy. Bet easy first and foremost is a 100 % Australian owned bookmaker. This means that they offer betting options for most of the sports in Australia. Since the site was launched in 2005, many features have been included to enable most of the users the ability earn money and bet.

One of their features is the ‘refer a friend’. This feature allows you to tell your friends of the site and the great options of betting. By referring a friend, you will get to earn bonuses. The more people join the site because of you, the more money you get.

They also have the bonus feature. Once you sign up to the account as a new user, you will receive a bonus of $500 maximum depending on how much money you deposited. This however applies if you sign up during the promotional period and you have an Australian account.

Live betting is another feature that people get to use. The feature involves betting live, that is when the game is going on. To use this feature you must be logged in and have access to the games that are being played. The lay betting feature involves you betting to lose rather than to win. This usually increases your chances of winning. This means that you only need one horse apart from the one you have placed a bet on to win.