Bet easy controversies

Even though Beteasy has seen great success over the last few years, this site has had its own shares of troubles. They have experienced many varied controversies over the last few years. Last year, the company had a court case over some of their features.

The charges against the Beteasy were laid down by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR). The commission claimed that Beteasy persuaded people to join the site by offering them an inducement of approximately $200 to people through their ‘refer a friend’ feature.

The court was taken to the Melbourne Magistrate court with the VCGR executive commissioner filling the complaint. During this some of the sports operators that are linked to the site were affected like the AFL.

Ryan Kay, who was the manger for the bet easy, said that the court case was being blown out of proportion because they, Beteasy, were not giving inducement to anybody. They were simply giving free bonus to people who referred the site to their friends, something that most sites do to get traffic.

Even under new management, the site still has some controversies with rumors stating that the Bet easy was bought by the investors. This comes barely five months after Matt Tripp acquired the Beteasy bookmaker. When asked about the rumors, Matt Tripp did not comment. The acquisition documents however show that there are shareholders linked to the company. Despite the controversies, the site seems to be reaching out to new heights under the new management.